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Localistico is the leading local marketing and analytics platform for brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide

We make sure customers find you, analyse what they do, and help you to take marketing actions

Help Customers Find You

  • Location & Presence Management

    Simplify the management of all your location data with one secure platform.

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  • Store Pages

    Automatically generate SEO optimised store pages based on location data for your own website or landing pages for digital campaigns.

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  • Presence and Accuracy

    Optimise your location information and control online consumer engagement, across all major external platforms, from Google to TripAdvisor.

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Analyse what they do

  • Customer Actions

    Track customer activity and location engagement across multiple platforms.

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  • Reputation Management

    Review, respond and report on location-specific customer reviews and visual content with one centralised inbox.

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  • Visibility and Competition

    Review location visibility across multiple platforms, your position relative to local competitors and inform local marketing experts with audience analytics and insights.

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Take Action

  • Local Ads

    Automate geo-targeted ads to drive local awareness and capture high purchase intent.

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  • Google, Facebook & Instagram Posts

    Publish all of your promotions, events and other campaigns on your various GMB, Facebook & Instagram profiles in just a few clicks.

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  • Messages and Q&A

    Respond to Facebook private messages and Google Q&A from a centralised inbox, providing accurate information up-front, right where potential customers make their decisions.

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The Local Marketing Winning Formula

Create a virtuous marketing cycle
for your physical locations

Increase in-store revenue

  • Be present throughout the whole customer journey

    Control information from all digital touchpoints- from maps to pages to ads- every time a customer interacts with your brand.

  • Gain insight through actionable reports

    Drive revenue through regular reporting, enabling you to take action and easily measure performance, track progress and ensure consistency across your business.

  • Take action on one platform

    Directly launch targeted marketing campaigns that have quantitative impact on your in-store revenue from a single, centralised tool.

Become more efficient

  • Break through information silos

    Scale seamlessly across your business by giving access to multiple users, teams or departments and aligning your teams to one objective.

  • Save time and money by automating routine actions

    Automate your presence on all local search platforms and uniformly schedule and launch local campaigns.

What customers say about us

Using Facebook Posts, we managed to share in bulk relevant information directly with our customers in their Facebook profiles and track engagement. Also, having an integral tool for the whole company helped us to get the central team, as well as Regional & Store Managers aligned, as they could launch their own comms, interact with their clients and “post on the go” thanks to the mobile version. — Trainer Digital Training & Innovation

  • +1300 Total campaigns
  • +171% Redirected to
    physical stores
  • +117% Facebook page

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By having all the information in the same tool, we were able to collect analytics from all relevant platforms and discover specifically how consumers interacted with our brand. To date, we continue to evaluate the performance and awareness metrics of each location to optimise their online investment and ensure traffic is driven to their stores. — Global Retail Director

  • 83% Increase in
    search coverage
  • 21% Increase in
    client actions
  • +$200K Selected store revenue
    increase over the first 6 months

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Once a week I collect results and circulate reports internally so that everyone has visibility on how our network is performing, which venues need a special effort or how our positioning is compared to our competitors. Making time for Localistico’s platform. means maximizing benefits — Retail & Trade Marketing Expert

  • +50% Total searches
  • +84% Direct searches
  • +46% Discovery searches

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All of our regional managers have their own Google and Facebook pages. Localistico builds a really useful bridge, collecting in bulk all country data, pulling it through to Power BI and allowing us to run the performance analysis. Without it, it would be really difficult for us to extract performance statistics such as views & clicks on Google and Facebook and, on top of that, align with each region. — Senior Digital Marketeer

  • +48% Clicks to Directions
  • +74% Clicks to Calls
  • +40% Review shares
  • 504K Posts impressions in 2022

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Localistico has helped us optimise our store pages and advertising for local search for all our 500 store locations. It has proven to be a very powerful tool, not only for my area but also for the Customer Success and Social Media teams — SEO Strategist

Localistico made an immediate impact to our campaigns, increasing CTR in local Ads by 40+% in a matter of days. Seeing insights like which offices are generating the most traffic has really helped formulate our strategy — Marketing Director

Localistico helped us convert our store pages into a digital showcase that is providing us with all the possibilities we've been needing for a long time: a prebooking of services to avoid in-store queues or waiting time, an online catalogue for customers to see if the product they need is in the store they are visiting, a click to directions button, etc.

  • +30x Volume of reviews
  • +60% Interactions through CTAs in store pages
  • +425% Increase on views of Movistar profiles on Google
  • +30% Growth in customer access to their store locator

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Our experience with Localistico has been extremely positive. Users, when provided access and simple training, find the platform remarkably straightforward and easy to navigate. This simplicity is crucial for smooth adoption, as it exceeds our expectations by providing essential features, analytics, and a tailored dashboard that suits our needs.

  • +143% Traffic to stores
  • +173% Clicks to call
  • +1.125% Volume of reviews

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Local Marketing To Meet Your Business Target

Learn how we serve your specific industry’s needs with our solutions

Powerful partners

We work closely with our partners to keep your business information and data up to date, and to make sure your business is found in local search results.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Bing
  • Huawei
  • Tripadvisor
  • Here
  • Foursquare
  • Factual

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