Localistico Platform

Enabling your whole organization

Teams with greater autonomy and a higher level of cohesion when taking action, interpreting data, leveraging insights and effectively interacting with customers.

Accounts portal

Scale seamlessly across your business by giving total or partial access to multiple users, teams or departments and aligning your teams to one objective.

Mobile friendly

Our app adapts to any screen size, allowing users to use it “on-the-go” and have full control from any kind of device.

Single Sign-On

Allows users to connect Localistico using their internal system, maintaining one single portal for all of their tools & frequent tasks.

Customised report generation

Generate customised reports as every department needs its own metric to measure performance and take strategic actions.

Data feeds

Integrate your Venues, Reviews and Metrics information from Localistico and synchronise it with another system, ensuring consistency when expanding your data to other channels.

The leading online-to-offline marketing and analytics platform for retailers that helps drive more traffic to bricks & mortar locations and get better insights

From maps to store pages, to launching geo-targeted promotional campaigns, we help you create a virtuous marketing cycle for your physical locations, allowing you to:

Increase in-store revenue

  • Be present throughout the whole customer journey

    Control information from all digital touchpoints- from maps to pages to ads- every time a customer interacts with your brand.

  • Gain insight through actionable reports

    Drive revenue through regular reporting, enabling you to take action and easily measure performance, track progress and ensure consistency across your business.

  • Take action on one platform

    Directly launch targeted marketing campaigns that have quantitative impact on your in-store revenue from a single, centralised tool.

Become more efficient

  • Break through information silos

    Scale seamlessly across your business by giving access to multiple users, teams or departments and aligning your teams to one objective.

  • Save time and money by automating routine actions

    Automate your presence on all local search platforms and uniformly schedule and launch local campaigns.

Helping customers find you & driving footfall

What will you get?

10-15% uplift in local reach

Up to 10% increase in store-level actions

Up to 10% increase in-store revenue

Location & Presence Management
Centralise Control Across all platforms

Ensure your customers can find you by publishing to the main mapping and digital search platform automatically, from Google to Apple Maps to Bing, from one central system all your stores’ information in bulk.

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Store Pages
Increase your local SEO to ensure your customers find you

Create SEO optimised landing pages for all of your locations, giving your high-intent customers the locally customised content they are looking for.

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Helping you analyse what they do

What will you get?

20-30% reduction in internal reporting time

Up to 20% increase in average local reviews ratings

Up to 20% uplift in future campaign performance

Reputation Management
Superpower your online reputation

Use automation & a single inbox to monitor, manage and reply to customer reviews, enabling you to understand what your customers care about and encouraging them to engage with you.

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Local Analytics & Reporting
Take control of your in-store conversion funnel

Take control of your in-store conversion funnel with powerful local analytics and grasp a deep understanding of buyer behaviour and how consumers interact with your business everywhere online.

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Helping you take action

What will you get?

10-15% increase in ROAS

Up to 40% time saved settings up local campaigns

Up to 15% uplift in local store ROI

Local Ads
Enable Local Marketing at Scale

Proactively implement marketing solutions to promote your business and reach high-intent customers with geo-targeted ad campaigns for all of your locations.

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Google, Facebook & Instagram Posts
Build a community of loyal followers and customers

Communicate your stores’ local promotions, offers, stock or events to boost store traffic, selecting the appropriate keywords to impact the ranking algorithms along the way.

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Messages and Q&A
Communicate with your customers in real-time

Use the inbox to monitor and respond to real-time chats and questions from your customers, using data to detect sales opportunities and keep your clients engaged.

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