Local Marketing for Retail

Optimizing your store for local search is more important than ever. Use Localistico to improve your store’s local SEO and get additional shoppers to visit.

Taking Customers from Search to Store

Localistico offers comprehensive local marketing solutions to help retailers better manage their digital footprint, gain consumer insights, and increase store sales.

76% Of local searches end in a visit to the store in the following 24 hours

4/5 Consumers want ads customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings

30% Consumers would buy in-store instead of online knowing they are close to a store

Bring more foot traffic to your store

Store specific searches are increasingly being made with local intent: “Google, show me where I can buy some kids pijamas, near me”. That’s why you need to ensure your stores appear for all relevant product, category, and area local searches. Our platform and store pages technology ensures your stores are found by all customers searching the local area.

Learn how to optimise your store pages for local SEO

Enhance your customer shopping journey

The initial customer touch point in the store shopping journey is a store profile on Google Maps or Facebook - therefore, in a world where brands compete on customer experience, it is critical that retailers control this engagement. Our platform enables you to take control of all digital touch points with your brand, on all major platforms, via one easy-to-use portal.

Take control of your online reputation

Take control of your digital footprint

Keep your website store page up-to-date can seem to be an easy task. But what about the rest of the profiles? Customers can quickly lose confidence in profiles that contain inaccurate or inconsistent data, damaging the brand image. Information such as exact location, holiday opening hours, and store details needs to be up to date on both your own website and the major platforms your customers are using.

Manage all your social presence in one place

Promote new stores where your customers will find them

Highlighting the arrival of a new store, pop-up or in-store concession is a challenging task. Our platform can enable the automation of local targeted digital advertising and instant profile creation on all relevant platforms: Google, Facebook, Apple, Foursquare, Yelp, TripAdvisor among many others.

Drive more in-store sales with Localistico

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