Local Marketing for Services & Finance

Consumer frustration, lost sales, and a loss of control over the online narrative about your brand are some of the costs of neglecting local marketing. Overcome them with Localistico.

Taking Customers from Search to Store

Localistico offers comprehensive local marketing solutions to help businesses better manage their digital footprint, gain consumer insights, and increase revenue.

75% of banking customers visited their local branch within the last six months

46% of all searches on Google are local

68% of searches were found to have used ‘get directions’ or ‘click to call’ in a mobile ad

Bring more foot traffic to your branches and offices

When consumers look for banking products and financial services, they often turn to Google. If there’s one thing that can hurt your local search rankings, it’s having incorrect data anywhere on the web such as inaccurate address and/or phone number about your institution. It confuses search engines and consumers alike, eroding credibility in search results. With Localistico’s technology, you can correct your citations ensuring your offices are found by all the customers searching the local area.

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Leverage your branch network

Multi-location brands usually have a good, usable branch locator search on their website. Local consumers looking up the branch nearest to them can search for it on the site and should then be linked to the best, unique landing page you can develop for each location. With Localistico you will ensure that your customers are reaching pages that have been built expressly for their local needs.

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Gain location-based consumer insights

Do you know which of your locations receives the most local searches? Which one customer request directions or call the most? Our platform enables you to analyse customer search behaviour in the local area around each location and gain actionable insights on location performance.

Understand your consumer behaviour

Increase conversion with geo-targeted campaigns

This is one of the most important local marketing strategies since it enables local customers to find you when searching for businesses, services, and products in the local area. Improve local search engine optimization with automated targeted campaigns, optimized for local search, on specific venues and areas.

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