Local Marketing for Real Estate

For a real estate franchise network, location is quite literally everything. Learn how Localistico can help to optimize your local real estate searches to stand out in your areas of operation.

Taking Customers from Search to Office

Localistico offers comprehensive local marketing solutions to help real estate agencies manage the digital footprint of their offices, gain consumer insights and increase revenue.

+35% increase in interactions with businesses that have opening hours information

50% of local-mobile searches are looking for business information and addresses

68% of searches were found to have used ‘get directions’ or ‘click to call’ in a mobile ad

Deliver a consistent omnichannel experience

Maintaining a consistent brand experience across all owned and major third-party digital platforms is increasingly important as the level of mobile engagement continues to increase. The first customer touch point when serching for your brand or nearby office is increasingly a profile on Google Maps or Facebook.

In a world where customer experience is so important, it is critical to control this engagement.

Control all your digital touch points with Localistico

Gain location insights and run geo-targeted campaigns

For real estate agents, identification of areas with a growing volume of local searches can assist with area insights and the location of potential new branches.

Targeted ads can then help capture these customers to ensure these high intent local customers sell or rent with you.

Reach potential customers more effectively

Understand the factors that influence home buyers

The buyer has plenty to choose from, so you have to try the hardest to gain and retain the attention of all customers.

How do you ensure that the customer skips all your competition and chooses you? First, find out where your local audience is: Do they spend time on Facebook, Google, Instagram or others? How do they search?

With Localistico’s platform, you can gain a complete view of how consumers interact with your business everywhere online.

Gather meaningful data about your customers

Monitor what people say about your agency

Local review sites are everywhere. These days no one buys anything without looking at reviews first. Real estate agent review sites can be a goldmine filled with rich sources of new business or a land mine that take an entire business down.

Our platform allows to monitor and respond to reviews across the major digital networks, uncovering new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business.

Expand your brand presence and reach

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