Local Analytics & Reporting

Take control of your in-store conversion funnel with powerful local analytics

Grasp a deep understanding of buyer behaviour and how consumers interact with your business everywhere online.

Local Insights

Gather 60+ metrics and analytics in one centralised platform and keep track of each stage of the conversion funnel to drive revenue.

Historical Analysis

Analyse how your chosen metrics have changed overtime. Access trend and historical graphs to compare different periods of time and analyse the stores’ performance.

Data Feeds

Integrate your Venues, Reviews and Metrics information from Localistico and synchronise it with another system, ensuring consistency when expanding your data to other channels.


Obtain detailed reports (Evolution, Presence, Visibility and Competitors) to understand improvements over time across venues and platforms and benchmark your online reputation against other industry players.

Filters & searches

Filter or group your data to simplify your day-to-day operations and get the local metrics you need

API integration

Access or export your metrics and analytics data in programmatic form or integrate with external systems

Multi format exports

Export your data in multiple formats, including to Excel, JSON and for GIS tools like ArcGIS or CARTO.

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