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It’s time for retailers to get a holiday treat! Localistico wants to celebrate with all of you who’ve gone above and beyond to satisfy their customers during 2022 and want to connect even further in 2023!


By gifting a free assessment on your current local marketing initiatives, so that you can take them to the next level.

What will you get?

During this meeting, you will benefit from a 30 minute video call with one of our local marketing experts to go through your local marketing current initiatives and analyse where there's room for improvement. Some of the insights you will obtain include:

  • Three improvements that you can action within a week
  • Two initiatives taken by your competitors that you should be aware of
  • A six month action plan to streamline your online to offline customer journey


Request your meeting by filling in the form and we will contact you to book the day and time that suits you best.

Why rely on us?

We are the leading online-to-offline marketing and analytics platform for retailers that helps drive more traffic to bricks & mortar locations and get better insights. From maps to store pages, to launching geo-targeted promotional campaigns, we help you create a virtuous marketing cycle for your physical locations, allowing you to:

  • Be present throughout the whole customer journey
  • Gain insight through actionable reports
  • Manage your online presence from a centralized tool


  • Break through information silos
  • Save time and money by automating routine actions


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