How to effectively manage GMB in 2020: examples of good/bad management


During this pandemic, many companies have tried to engage with their customers using different methods, including email campaigns, Facebook ads, SMS, push notifications, etc. One of the main channels companies have been leveraging is Google My Business (GMB). 

In this blog, we are going to look at 3 examples of effective GMB management, and 3 examples that could use improvements. The GMB features we are going to analyse include: 

  • Description
  • Location-specific website
  • Business category
  • Opening hours
  • Business attributes
  • Photos
  • Reviews 
  • Q&A

Effective GMB management 

VIPs Group, with around 400 restaurant-cafeterias around in the world and 50 years of experience in the industry has a great local marketing strategy and effective use of GMB. 

What are they doing well? 

Aside from featuring a variety of photos from its venues (inside and outside) and keeping the information up-to-date with the latest changes on opening hours, delivery and pick up, VIPs has a good reputation management strategy

Exemplified in the picture below, they reply to both all reviews they receive, and use this feedback to improve their service.

Another example of a great GMB management strategy is Camper. Camper, a contemporary footwear brand with more than 400 stores, makes full use of GMB. 


Demonstrated in the picture below, Camper makes use of the many GMB features available to keep their customers informed of their latest news and improve their SEO. 

We can highlight the use of GMB to promote their products and special promotions, like sales, using Local Ads by linking GMB and Google ads. Isn’t it great practice to replicate?

Additionally, we can appreciate the online reputation management Camper does by replying all types of review in this platform. 

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Companies that should improve their GMB profiles

Marco Aldany is one of the biggest companies in the beauty industry with more than 400 locations across 4 continents. 

Taking into account the affluence of these establishments, having an optimized GMB profile is critical for the development of their business. 

In the examples below, we can see they have updated their business hours due to COVID-19. 

Our local marketing recommendations:

  • Create an SEO-optimized description to help your potential customers find your business.
  • Have a location-specific website to customize your information by store.  
  • Add descriptive pictures from the inside or outside of your establishment.
  • Improve your brand reputation by replying to all reviews. 
  • Answer the most important questions with a Q&A section. 

DIA Groups has more than 6000 supermarkets in Europe and LATAM and serves 20 million loyal customers every day. Currently, supermarkets are more important than ever due to the increase of the average household consumption. 

We are going to go through the main improvements DIA Group could make to their GMB profiles. 

  • Create an SEO-optimized description to help potential customers find the business
  • Improve brand reputation by replying to reviews. 
  • Answer the most frequent questions with a Q&A section. 
  • Add product promotions and showcase what is going on inside the supermarket.

Challenges of keeping your GMB up-to-date

Most of the time, marketing teams are pretty busy manually updating each GMB profile for their hundreds or thousands of stores. Here is where Localistico can help you.

With two simple clicks, you can update all of your venue information, from location to opening hours, across platforms, and additionally, centralize your onlines reviews. Interested? Contact us.