8 Reasons to Create Google Posts


Lately, we have seen SEO experts stating Google Posts don’t make your listing rank higher based on Keywords, and yet they are recommending the usage of them as part of your Local Strategy because:

1. Google My Business posts are the clearest signal you can send to Google that your business is open and ready to engage with customers.

2. They help you better catch the customer’s attention and be key in their purchase decision, especially with the offers type of post. This can be proved if you check any listing with offer posts on mobile and then you will realise Google has released a new tab called “deals” just for them. 

3. Google Posts can make a listing appear more likely in the 3-local pack through the justifications. According to Mox and SearchEngineLand, 57% of local pack results have Google justifications on them, so we still see Google is matching the user’s query keywords with your own listing content.

4. You can redirect traffic to specific pages on your website through Posts. This will mean a boost to your website’s rankings. “Google My Business posts are helping your SEO effort as they contribute to the increase of topical authority for a GMB listing and E-A-T”. (E-A-T is one of many guidelines Google uses to determine whether the content is valuable to readers and whether it should rank well: expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness).

5. Your Business listing Posts also invite customer interactions, clicks and reviews, which have a heavy weight on Google ranking.

6. If you link your Google My Business posts to forms, you can collect user info. Bringing people back to the site through a blog or newsletter will level up your SEO.

7. A Google My Business post is designed for any mobile device, so it will maximize your mobile SEO.

8. If you add UTMs params to your posts links then you can track the traffic Posts are generating.

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