WebinarsOn-Demand Webinar: How Web Store Pages can Catapult your Brand to the Top in 2024

It’s a reality – companies are shifting their marketing strategy from external channels to owned channels. Why this shift? What benefits does it bring to their local marketing strategies?

Acquire the knowledge to fully leverage these channels as a direct link to your customers.

Here’s what we will cover:

  The impact of Store Pages/Locators in local marketing: enhancing brand visibility, driving traffic, and optimizing the online-to-offline journey.

✓  The role of Store Pages in enhancing SEO and optimizing website traffic.

✓  How Store Pages redefine brand control, elevate user experience, and empower businesses.

✓  Structured data and its importance for aiding search engines in understanding relevance to specific queries.

  The Digital Markets Act Regulation and how to leverage Store Pages to boost traffic during legislative changes.

We look forward to your valuable presence at the webinar!