Ebooks & WhitepapersThe Rise of Local Marketing in Retail 2024

We are delighted to announce the launch of our report, “The Rise of Local Marketing in Retail 2024″, Localistico’s annual publication comparing industry changes seen over the last year and delving into upcoming challenges and trends that are shaping retail in 2024.

This year’s edition analyses the current state of local marketing, highlighting the increasing significance of online presence and direct customer interactions. It delves into and explains the latest shifts, moving from relying on third-party information providers to play a role in the customer journey, to the necessity of focusing on owned channels to foster the highest quality interaction at each touchpoint. Additionally, it explores the integration of AI-driven solutions to enhance operational efficiency and gather valuable customer insights, along with emerging trends in this area and how retailers are harnessing them.

To take it a step further, we’ve explored shake-ups in the world of search engines, such as the launch of Apple Business Connect and the growing preference among Gen Z users for platforms like TikTok over established search engines like Google when seeking information. Additionally, we’ve navigated the Digital Markets Act and provided insights on how retailers can successfully adapt to or leverage these shifts in various scenarios.

To create the report, we surveyed 250 retailers and 250 consumers to put their alignment to the test between what consumers want and what retailers are offering.

Download our latest report to:

  • Understand the Gap between Consumer Needs and Retailer Priorities
  • Learn about the main challenges faced by retailers in 2023 and how to overcome them in 2024
  • Discover the AI trends in Local Marketing
  • Find out how you can future-proof your business
  • Gain insight into how Store Pages & Store Locators can serve as valuable assets and how to effectively leverage them.
  • Understand the real power of Local Ads
  • And much more…