Ebooks & WhitepapersThe rise of local marketing in retail 2021

We are delighted to announce the launch of our report, “The Rise of Local Marketing in Retail 2021”. In it, we delve into the changes the industry has seen since the COVID-19 outbreak, the main challenges retailers faced in 2020 and the trends that will shape 2021. In addition, the report outlines consumer insights, which shows how consumer behaviour has changed in the past months and consumer expectations when it comes to shopping.

To create this report we surveyed 250 retailers and 250 consumers. By analysing that information we were able to see how both sides are aligned when it comes to what consumers want and what retailers are offering.

Retail experts

Download this report and learn:

  • How retailers are evolving their local marketing strategies
  • What consumers expect from their favourite brands
  • Best practices to tackle the challenges that retailers struggled with during 2020
  • Omnichannel essentials for 2021
  • Growing trends you need to know about
  • And much more…