Ebooks & WhitepapersThe New Age of Reputation Management in Retail

We are delighted to wrap up 2022 with a reputation management report that delves into the benefits of categorizing & automating reviews to optimise processes & results. In it, you will learn about the benefits of categorizing reviews automatically based on keywords and how this will help you obtain a better understanding of recurrent topics to take action accordingly. You’ll also find out how you can improve productivity while also making certain that responses remain on-brand to focus on those that need full on human interaction and management.

In order to create this report, we surveyed 250 retailers and 250 consumers, which helped us obtain insights on how retailers are currently managing their reputation, how this impacts consumers’ decision process, and what can they do to take customer engagement even further.

Download this report and learn how to:

  • Save operational time by managing & replying to reviews from a centralised inbox.
  • Nurture customer loyalty and trust while also improving a business’s online presence.
  • Identify under- and over-performing stores and determine root drivers of success.
  • Implement autocategorisation for focused and efficient review management.
  • Use Automatic responses to improve productivity & SEO.
  • And much more…