Ebooks & WhitepapersCapitalising on Local Marketing during Peak Season 2021

How prepared are you for the holidays? In our latest report, “Capitalising on Local Marketing during Peak Season 2021”, we discuss how retailers can achieve success during this approaching holiday shopping season. We also provide key insights into consumer motivations and reveal how technology is both driving and changing shopping habits.

The report is based on surveys of over 350 retailers and 350 consumers regarding their expectations and plans for the holidays in 2021. Among the most interesting revelations is that nearly 3/4ths of consumers in both the US and the UK anticipate doing their holiday shopping in brick-and-mortar shops this year. Yet, with COVID-19 remaining a factor for the second holiday season in a row, retailers say they are still struggling to keep up with the rapid changes of the market. If they have the right tools and strategies, though, there is every reason retailers can expect the happiest of holidays. For retailers, “Capitalising on Local Marketing during Peak Season 2021” can provide a blueprint to a happy holiday season.

Download this report and find out:

  • Vital consumer trends for the 2021 holiday shopping
  • Retails sectors on the rise this holiday season
  • The role of brick and mortar stores
  • How online tools will shape the 2021 holiday shopping season
  • The main challenges faced by retailers in the build-up to the holiday season
  • And much more…