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The Localistico Platform

Taking Customers from Search to Store

Browser Customer Actions

We help local customers find you

Location Management

Simplify the management of your locations on your own digital channels with one secure platform for all location data - a system of record for every store.

Store pages

Automatically generate SEO-optimized store pages for your own website or campaigns.

Online Store Presence & Accuracy

Optimize and control the online details of all your locations, with one-click management across all major third party platforms used by your customers - Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, HERE, Apple Maps, Bing, Factual, Foursquare, Yelp, Zomato and others.

Enable you to analyze what they do

Customer actions & insights

Review location engagement across multiple platforms and inform local marketing specialist with local customer insights.

Online content & reputation management

Review, respond and report on aggregated and location specific customer reviews and content (such as pictures, likes or videos), from one inbox.

Local area visibility & competition

Review location visibility across multiple platforms, positioning against competitors within close proximity to each store and inform local marketing specialists with local area and audience analytics and insights.

Take action on the insights generated

Local Ads

Automate geo-targeted campaigns to drive local awareness and capture high intent local customers.

Plus a growing list of other features and capabilities

Store & Area Reporting

Alerts and reports on analytics and insights to keep on top of your locations and their operation areas.

System Integrations

Our platform allows easy integration with other store systems - such as wifi, POS or existing CMS - providing even more actionable insights to improve individual store performance.

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