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Hi there! – We are Localistico

SeedRocket · Barcelona, ES
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Python Backend developer

Alvaro Lazaro

Alvaro is our Python wizard. He works in the delicate balance of integrating data from lots of heterogeneous platform systems into something that can be actually shown to a client, while somehow managing to keep his sanity. Actually, he also does snowboard and kitesurfing, so maybe we should double check on the sanity part.

Backend developer

Angel Molina

Our jack-of-all-trades. Angel combines all the best parts of being an Open Source evangelist and a backend developer with a frontend soul and a design heart. He’s also working out to be a powerlifter and plays the ukulele (in a non-hipster way, sort of).

Frontend developer

Balint Erdi

Balint loves building ambitious web apps, so ever since he got acquainted with Ember.js, a client-side framework with a similar motto, there was no looking back for him. As non professional activities, he loves traveling and hiking, playing board games with his kids and reading.

Product Design Lead

Daniel Mota

Daniel is responsible for all-things-good-looking at Localistico. He used to work as Mobile Lead Designer at Tuenti (the most famous Spanish social network). He’s also an avid runner and will be soon attempting his first marathon marathoner.

Backend developer

David Ramirez

David has been developing Ruby and Rails web apps since 2006 - although he really doesn’t look that old. He’s currently focused in improving Localistico black magic features in the backend and trying to find time to increase his abilities as dog whisperer and basketball player.

Frontend developer

Jose Luis Garrido

Jose Luis is an amazing frontend developer that has collaborated in projects both individually and as part of agencies like Studio Hanzo. He’s not all about Javascript, though, as he does hardware/arduino hacks and also a lot of running!

Marketing Lead

Noelia Martin

Noelia got a knack to help businesses have a better internet presence after working at Qype (then acquired by Yelp) and set up her own marketing agency before joining the team. Apart from helping Localistico’s clients, she’s also an amateur cake baker and Zumba dancer.

CEO and Founder

Ricardo Varela

Ricardo has worked in search and maps teams in Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. His time is usually divided between running the company and actually trying to figure out how the whole running a company works.

We are Hiring!

We are presently looking for some people to join the team. Would you be interested?

Check our openings and let us know if you want to talk or if you have any questions.