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What is Localistico?

Localistico is a service to help businesses with physical locations be easier to find on the Internet by simplifying how they manage their presence and profiles across the main local and mapping platforms.

Localistico allows you to ensure all the important data about your locations, such as opening hours and services offered, are available, accurate and looking their best across platforms. We also regularly monitor all of your locations automatically correcting issues like duplicate listings or wrong details and letting you know when and where you may need to take action, such as when information is needed or there are new client reviews. All in the simplest way possible.

Why Localistico?

There are many search engines, map applications and other platforms where local businesses can and need to be present and that your prospect clients use to find and choose products and services.

Most businesses don’t actively manage how they look across those platforms as analysing and keeping consistency in appearance and content is usually costly, complicated and can take too much time to do in-house.

Localistico allows business owners, chains and agencies to manage their local platform profiles on the Internet as simply as possible. We automate more than 80% of what you should do to look your best, for less than 10% of the cost and less than 1% of the time it would take you to do it in-house. All without having to be an expert on digital marketing. Let us take care of it.

Can my business benefit from Localistico?

Localistico is designed for businesses that have multiple physical locations and for which clients usually find locations or other details online. This includes businesses such as retailers, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, real estate or banks.

It is particularly useful for chains that have to manage a large number of locations or for marketing agencies that have to manage several clients at the same time, where in-house management is complicated, costly and time consuming.

What platforms does Localistico work with?

Localistico currently manages and monitors your presence across Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, Facebook Places, Foursquare, Yelp and Factual.

Some of these platforms may act as data sources for others, such as Instagram or CityMapper (which use Facebook and Foursquare) or Apple Maps (which uses Factual and Yelp) so it is possible that your data propagates to those platforms as well. Together, these should cover the majority of platforms used by your clients.

What details about my business will Localistico need?

In order to manage your presence and profile, we will need you to let us know:

  • General information about your business: name and location.
  • Information about each of your business locations: name, address, phone number, detailed description of business, services offered, images/photos (at minimum logo and external photos but also internal photos if relevant)
  • Access details for existing accounts you have with these online platforms (if any)

Does the use of Localistico help my business get higher ranking in local sites like Google, Facebook, Bing or others?

Quite possibly but not guaranteed. How each platform calculates the ranking of your business for certain queries depends on many factors and these are different for each. Neither us, nor anybody else, can guarantee you a certain ranking for a particular search (if somebody says otherwise, they’re probably a scam).

All that we can do to help your position is to make sure your details are correct and as accurate as possible in each of the platforms databases. That way if a client is searching for businesses like yours, you are at least a strong candidate to appear.

For searches that are not local or maps, can Localistico help my web page have a better PageRank?

No. Localistico aims to manage your presence for “local searches”, not to increase your web relevance in standard “web searches”(what traditionally is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short). It is however possible that by publishing your web address and other details consistently across the different local platforms you get extra references for PageRank.

Also, check our answer for “Does the use of Localistico help my business get a better position in sites like Google, Facebook, Bing or others?” above.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. You can choose our monthly plan without longer term commitment. However, our yearly plan offers you a 15% discount over the monthly one.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our online payment system accepts the major credit cards, like AMEX, Mastercard and VISA. If you’d like to pay by Direct Debit instead email us at contact@localistico.com.

Can I switch my plan from monthly to yearly and get the discount?

Yes, simply let us know by emailing us at contact@localistico.com and we’ll update your plan to yearly.

When do I pay for the service?

We will only ask you to make your first payment just prior to publishing your details via our Localistico platform. We will ask then if you prefer to pay monthly or yearly. if you choose monthly we will charge for the month on that moment and the next payment will be collected on the same day of the next month. In case you choose the annual plan, we will charge once for the year and your next payment will be due after 12 months.

For example, if you sign up for a monthly plan on the 10th of January we will first charge for the first month on that date (although some banks may take 1-3 days to show the charge in your card statements), your second payment will be due on the 10th of February and so on.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime by letting us know at contact@localistico.com. If you choose to do so we will stop managing and monitoring your presence on the date when your next payment was due.

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Do I have to pay to sign up?

No. When you sign up to your free trial period we will generate an initial free report for your business and allow you read-only access inside the Localistico platform. This initial report can help you assess your business presence better and decide if you then want to sign up to a paid plan if you want to use Localistico to monitor or edit your details across local platforms

Can I delete my account anytime? Is there any cost involved in doing so?

Yes, you can just let us know you want us to stop your subscription or delete your account at any time emailing contact@localistico.com. We will stop taking payments from you at that point. There is no admin or other cancellation fee.

How will Localistico use my personal and business data?

The details you publish through Localistico about your business and its locations will be sent to the platforms we work with.

Your personal and/or billing details will be used only to send you reports, invoices and any other correspondence related to Localistico activities. We do not pass this information to third parties.

If you need any more details about this, check our Terms of Service or contact us.


What does Localistico mean by ‘business’?

A business means an entity that has activity in one or more physical locations, whether this is a restaurant, a hotel, a beauty salon or a shopping centre.

What do you mean by ‘location’?

A location is each of the individual places where your business is geographically present. For example, if your business is a hotel chain, your locations will be each of the individual hotels that are part of it. Locations are usually identified by unique addresses.

What is a ‘platform’ in Localistico?

By ‘platforms’ or ‘local platforms’ we mean each of the websites or applications that clients may use to find information about businesses with physical locations. They can be web pages like Yelp or Foursquare or search/mapping applications like Google Maps or CityMapper.

What does Localistico mean by ‘profile’?

A profile of a location is an instance of how the information about that location is depicted in a certain platform. It may show details like address, phone number, opening hours - and may also include information like user reviews or ratings.

What do you consider a ‘chain’?

We call a business a ‘chain’ when it has more than 10 locations.

What is a ‘situation report’?

This is a report we send to all our users when they sign up so they can assess the current presence of their business across the platforms in one go. We show a general overview of the profile we can find for the business, along with review count and issues like duplicates or wrong details.

What is a subscription plan?

You can subscribe to edit your details, receive regular updates about your business and have your presence monitored automatically on your behalf by Localistico. These subscriptions can be billed monthly or yearly, and are priced according to the number of locations you have.

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